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60 minutes  

What do you do when your daughter won’t eat?

Daniel’s away, Robert doesn’t have a clue and Molly’s not sure if she can
hold it together. Cecilia looks at a family on the edge and asks if we can ever
really understand the people we love.

Cecilia was initially developed with Sharon Clark at the Bristol Old Vic and underwent further development at the North Wall Centre. It was produced for a short run during Festival 45 at the Kings Head where it sold out and received four star reviews.

Written by Zoe Hunter Gordon
Directed by India Crawford

Produced by Harriet Harper Jones

Starring Edward Green, Denise Stephenson and Mark Shaer


- Shortlisted for the Yale Drama Award 2016, one of 13 scripts selected from 1000+ “well written and involving” Nicholas Wright & his panel of readers from Yale Drama Prize

- Shortlisted for Masterclass' Pitch Your Play

- Shortlisted for Ovalhouse 33%



★★★★- London Theatre One ""extremely well written... the writing really is first class"" 


★★★★ - Female Arts "excellent piece about a difficult subject" 

Cecilia Poster Final-page-001.jpg

“Cecilia is a taut, powerful, upsetting and deeply human exploration of a family, the limits of love, the depths of people… An intricate and impressive piece of work from Zoe Hunter Gordon"

Barney Norris (Playwright, “Visitors” - winner of the Critics Circle Award)

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