Some Kind of Window 

Narrative short film

8 mins 

At the height of the first lockdown two parents desperately try to connect.
A film about the loneliness of the digital.

Starring Frances McNamee & Graeme Dalling

Written by Zoe Hunter Gordon
Directed by Fay Lomas and Zoe Hunter Gordon

Produced by Jessica Palmarozza 

Edited by Quynh Nguyen Dieu
Director of Photography: Tamás A. Méder
Production Design: Anna Kezia Williams

Sound Design by Oscar Crawford

Casting Director: Kat Pierce 
Colour by Emanuele Senatore

-Screenplay: W
inner of Script 6's "This Covid Life" Competition 


-Little Wing 2021 Official Competition (BIFA qualifying)
- Emerging Film Festival Official Competition 2021 (BIFA qualifying)
- Sunderland Short Film Festival 2021 
- English Riviera Short Film Festival Official competition
   Nominated for Best Actress & Best Actor 

Some Kind of Window poster 600DPI.jpg